As we all know that WordPress wholly powers 27 percent of the websites around the globe. How WordPress SEO effectively used by Madurai Entrepreneurs would be one of the interesting question as it is regarded as one of the best content management systems.

The Madurai Entrepreneurs are ready to roll up their sleeves and optimizing it for better performance. Moreover WordPress SEO tutorial would assist you to optimize your website and get ahead of your stiff competition. Some of the simple process followed are given below.

You can add modifiers to your title

Primarily modifiers can assist you to rank for long tail versions of your main keyword. For instance you can use modifiers like ‘2017,’ ‘best,’ ‘guide,’ and ‘review’ etc.

Necessary to optimize your descriptions

It is always noted that your descriptions are one of the good opportunities to get more clicks in Google search results and to immensely increase your rankings and traffic.

When individuals are finding for anything on Google, they actively scan the results and select by title & description. Moreover your description must be complementary to your relevant title. It must also comprise your main keyword since Google bolds search terms if they happen to found in the description.

You must eliminate thin or duplicate content

It is often said that duplicate content are which have the same content on numerous pages of your website.

How one should avoid duplicate content:

  • You must post your article only in one category. When you post your article in several categories it would certainly appear on more than one URL which will actively result in duplicate content.
  • One must disable or noindex WordPress archives which are automatically created by default.
  • Actively set noindex to your Tags

Quality Keyword spots

In the relevant articles your main keyword must appear in the first 100-150 words and make it simpler for Google to understand what your page is all about. Moreover it is nice idea to include it in the last 50-100 words of the article. Eventually it also sends a signal that the main topic of your page is about your respective target keyword.


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