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The agriculture industry requires modern techniques in marketing so that it can reach a wider audience. If you’re wondering how digital marketing for Agriculture Sectors can help your agribusiness, let us simplify it for you. GegoSoft helps you convert people into customers by educating them about your product or service on a global scale. Yes, you can address people on a global scale through the digital world.

 To Promote Agriculture Industry to the Next Level

Right now though, the agricultural world has the lowest adoption rate for digital marketing at 78%, low when compared to the average 88% across all other industries. For brands and suppliers looking to increase their reach across the industry then, digital marketing in the agriculture sector presents the opportunity to grow organic site traffic, increase search-engine rankings, and boost perceived industry authority.

Case Study


In January 2017, a site related to Agriculture business consolidated doubling of traffic with revenue improvement after successful implementation of SEO from our company.

This successful process was designed to improve traffic and increase results from organic search. The SEO implementation was managed by us with specialized SEO services managed with the organic search strategy, execution, and tracking supported by the advanced platform.


A large focus of the SEO was carried out with impact to the organic channel: increasing in organic traffic, organic revenue, total keyword presence in the Search Engine Results Pages, or total pages indexed by the Search Engines. It was also understood that improving product category from the site would lead to effective traffic in all categories, through careful planning and higher improvement.


Multiple data points were used to track the progression of the Agriculture related site over time to ensure goals and expectations were met. All of this was achieved through the detailed process of mapping, planning, auditing, and information sharing at regular intervals over the months prior to launch, and now considerably exists as an outline for how SEO implementation and strategies can benefit from a focus on the organic channel during such a time.

In June, roughly 50% of all keywords for the Agriculture related commerce site were giving good results. Out of all of the keywords unique to Agriculture related site, less than 25 ranked on the first page. This meant that the additional keywords the new Agriculture related site ranked for on the first page of Google were new terms and not just previously ranking terms from the Agriculture related site.

Those first-page term increases totalled a 70% lift in just the 1st month, and by the end of September, a 150% total keyword increase was achieved versus other months.

It is also noted that not only did the ranking keywords increase, but the percentage of keywords at #1 and the percentage of keywords on the first page were doing well by December. Almost nearly 40% of all the keywords of Agriculture related site ranked for were on the first page and over 7% of the total number of keywords ranked for were in the #1 position. From a traffic and business-results perspective, the impact was almost instant.

Moreover the daily revenue numbers from the organic channel in the middle of January at nearly twice the levels they were prior to the store launch. The organic channel actively began to see traffic at nearly 200%.

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