SEO Brings Superior Performance for Automotive Industry

Client Background

Our client Indian Car Broker specializes in providing cheap new car deals guaranteeing that its customers get the top new car deal possible. Indian Car Broker is qualitatively experienced to customize the car leasing package to suit the requirements of its clients and is also effectively equipped to deal with part exchanges. Primarily all new cars are available on contract hire, personal contract hire, personal contract purchase and standard hire purchase at competitive prices.

Business Requirement

It is noted that online car brokerage is increasingly and highly competitive. The client required to maintain high visibility in organic Google rankings to stay ahead of competitors. Indian Car Broker wishes to increase qualified page traffic and sales through informed SEO service techniques. Then with link popularity measuring and not permitting the marketing costs to skyrocket.

High Challenge

When Indian Car Broker turned to us for its SEO, online marketing and site promotions, their website was un-optimized and the keywords were not well targeted. Also the Social Media Marketing tactics like Article or Blog Marketing, Social Bookmarking or Forum Postings were wholly missing. Tough competition for car websites in Indian posed a tremendous challenge in itself. Apart from this familiar keywords or key phrases associated with cars are enormously highly competitive and getting them rank higher is difficult task.

Accurate Solution

To make its SEO and online marketing optimally efficient, Indian Car Broker gave project to improve their business. We conducted a comprehensive keyword analysis and research targeting on keyword effectiveness index [KEI] to accurately measure the Keyword competitiveness for our target keywords and key phrases pertaining to the online car brokerage business. Primarily the backlinks and instances of the website were reviewed. Our other On-Page Optimization tactics included title optimization; Meta tags optimization, important html tags optimization, keywords optimization, link optimization, image optimization, etc.

To actively boost and complement our On-Page efforts with Off-Page promotions, we therefore launched an aggressive link building campaign. We also submitted the client’s website link to social bookmarking sites that are effectively indexed and attributed ‘Do Follow’. We also made quality Directory Submissions. We submitted the Indian Car Broker website to human edited directory which necessitates focused attention and persistent action to get approval. Also we posted articles and blog comments to enable our clients with great visitor inflow to boost their link popularity.

Also it was closely monitored and frequently reviews the Keyword rankings to make necessary amendments and thereby maintain the competitive edge.

Effective Results

Not only helped Indian Car Broker rank higher in SERP, but also greatly improved the inflow of targeted traffic.