High improvement of keyword rankings in SERP for Pharmaceutical

The Client:

Our Client as a premier global Pharmaceutical firm has several market reports across practices, including healthcare as well as many other verticals. The organization also offers healthcare, product innovation and growth strategy among several others.

The Main Objective:

Our Client was looking for speedy improvement in its SERP positioning across major search engines (Google/Yahoo/Bing). By strongly improving traffic to its website, they needed more leads and enquiries for their services as well as other related services.

The firm was also looking to re-design its website, to make it look more contemporary, professional and in-line with its image of being one of popular leading Pharmaceutical firms.

The Key Challenge:

The Pharmaceutical industry is very competitive, with numerous large firms performing SEO for themselves. The challenge was to begin from scratch and gain best ranking on competitive keywords.

The Best Solution:

The accurate solution was to actively drive visitors via improved search engine rankings; our professional SEO team amalgamated a series of optimization steps to ensure an improvement in ranking and incoming traffic on our client of Pharmaceutical firm.

The team started with a detailed analysis of the website to identify the SEO loopholes within the website and worked on resolving them to guarantee that the website structure is search engine friendly. Most of the primary refinements that were undertaken by the acumen team were:

  • Accurate URL re-writing
  • Quality folder Structure Enhancement
  • Execution of content on targeted pages
  • Ample modifications in design layout of website to make it more user friendly

Our best team undertook relentless SEO/Social Marketing activities that served wholly to increase the search rankings for the website on several keywords which also resulted in increase in traffic.

The Results:

We met the challenge of improvement in keyword rankings in SERP and maximized the website traffic. Our strategic, relentless and timely SEO efforts assisted our client of Pharmaceutical firm.