Success Story of Effective SEO for Business Services

About our Client

Sherin groups are a non-banking financial company which customizes private financing solutions to assist businesses achieve success. It was duly incorporated in 1991; the firm provides customized solutions for Capital Market, Corporate Finance, Commercial Real Estate & Mortgages and Infrastructure Project & Structured Finance.

High Challenges

When Sherin groups approached us for their SEO services, they had clear and accurate goal – generate massive leads from SMEs looking to avail Business Loans. The focused market, comprising of small business owners, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals, was a small one.

And the search demand on Google was actually limited. There were already a number of established lenders operating in this small, but hyper competitive market. In order to deliver massive of leads from such a small target market at a predefined cost per Lead (CPL) was always going to be high challenge. It was going to nourish all our experience and expertise to deliver a perfectly targeted high quality SEO and PPC campaign which should meet the numbers

Perfect Solutions

It was well discussed that our first task was identifying the audience from 10 major cities of Sherin groups wanted to focus.  We began the lead generation campaign with Google Search utilizing relevant keywords to attract users looking for business loans. Simultaneously, to increase the volume of leads we successfully planned a strategy for Google display. Once we primarily figured out how to target the correct audience on Display Network, we actually planned up the campaign and combined it with remarketing & Gmail Sponsored promotion to actively increase lead volumes dramatically. Amazingly constant optimization was ensured that we never crossed our CPL threshold.

Our best strategy illustrated as below:

  • Precise selection of keywords to guarantee relevancy of Search ads
  • Beginning search campaigns and then adding display campaigns to create buzz, increase traffic volume and number of leads
  • Qualitatively optimizing the campaigns by identifying target audience to increase lead relevancy
  • Guaranteeing robust visibility to develop brand awareness, assist increase brand searches
  • Effectively optimizing device performance to control budgets


We professionally managed a strong growth of relevant leads to 5 times more than the assigned target. Moreover it was actively achieved without overstepping the CPL and advanced SEO strategies. This increase resulted from 3.5 times increase in visibility and 4 times increase in traffic as compared to the previous months. It was also witnessed an increase of leads by 400%, 90% and 80% from Search Network, Gmail Sponsored Promotion and Display Network, respectively.