Optimized Press Release services offered by GegoSoft for Entrepreneurs
SEO press releases can assist your website achieve higher search engine rankings for its most important keywords
SEO press releases can certainly improve your site’s popularity by encouraging inbound links from news sources, blogs, and other social media venues
After successful submission of your press release it remains indexed on search engines, helping to raise the visibility of your company and its products and services
For most advanced Internet marketing campaigns, your press releases can feature graphics, audio and video files, and other multimedia materials
Unlike with standard press releases, analytics can be used to view statistical information about your optimized press releases, enabling you to better understand and communicate with your target audience
GegoSoft Press Release Distribution objectives
Your SERP rankings will be increased
will be indexed by top news search engines
your content will be stored inside Google’s or any other search engine’s database for simple accessibility
GegoSoft finds quality places to submit a Press Release for Entrepreneurs
Send your release to your local media outlets.
Targeting newspapers, online newspapers or other media outlets in geographic areas where you wish to expand your business.
Submit your press release to key players in your field comprising noted bloggers and industry leaders.
Actively using a distribution service
Timing of your press release is vital
Adding media such as photos and videos to your submission will increase your readership
Finally following up with a phone call
You can place a quote in your press release that shows the positive impact your subject matter will have on readers or viewers
How to Address a Good Press Release for Entrepreneurs
Address a Press Release with clear details of the Company that is sending it.
Put “For Press Release” in Bold and Capitalized letters In the Center of the page.
Add “For Immediate Release” in Bold And Capitalized letters if the Press Release is urgent.
Type in the name, title and contact information of the individual who is the contact person for the sending company below the words for immediate release
Add the name, title and contact information of the person who is intended to receive the press release
Grab the attention of the receiving individual with the headline and opening paragraph.