Digital Marketing for the Education Sectors

The education industry has been growing as a leader in today’s developing digital marketing trends. Digital marketing for the education sector assists universities and schools, college institutions in building their brand and also collecting the student recruitment process.

Creative Marketing Ideas for Educational Sectors

These days, the maximum of the students are users of the internet. The Internet has become the major search platform for all, starting from courses, schools or colleges, study material, and even fee payment methods has become online. This indicates that the educational institutions must mark their presence online to reach more students, existing as well as prospects. We are not saying to completely avoid traditional marketing, because offline reputation is the foundation for any online actions, especially for an industry like the education sector. But, digital marketing in the education sector has committed to giving something big that out-stand and engage the right audience. We have also developed Advanced School Management Software with Parent App and Teacher Mobile App 

Case Study

The Client:

Our Client represents the popular sector called Education which is all about teaching, best learning skills and proper knowledge. It also means assisting students to effectively learn how to do things and encouraging them to think about what they actually learn. They are also vital for educators to teach ways to search and utilize beneficial informative details.

The Goal & Focused Market:

Our Client focused the entire Indian Education sector. The client had particular objectives in mind and their requirements from this SEO project were:

  • High rankings
  • Large Traffic

The Challenge:

Our Client had professionally consulted with main objectives in mind. Their absolute requirements from SEO project were namely as

  • Wholly re-architecting the site structure so that it could be perfectly indexed by Google
  • Effectively ranking the website on highly competitive keywords related to coupons
  • Process of driving in huge traffic to the website

The Strategy:

We asked them to develop two separate sets of web pages on their website, namely:

  • Education related info Pages, where beneficial services of education would be available.
  • Best education institutions Pages, where various details about courses and places to study would be available

We wholly defined the content structure for both sets of pages and then arranged all the pages in proper subfolders with categories and sub categories. We effectively interlinked them to assist users navigate and search engines crawl more effective manner.

With an optimized site structure in place, on-page SEO required to be successfully performed on both sections to ameliorate rankings and drive in high traffic.

The Best Solution:

Over short period of 4 months of continuous on-page and off-page SEO activities, we professionally saw massive improvements in traffic

Within 4 months of short duration for a website to rank in highly competitive keywords was achieved and the rankings also dramatically improved strongly. The website now ranked in the top 20 search results for 25 out of the 30 target keywords related to education sector.

Apart from this the website began ranking in Top 5 search results for thousands of long tail product keywords which actually resulted in immense growth of considerable organic traffic.

Our Service Offerings

  • Branding Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Social Medial  Accounts
  • Corporate Brochure
  • Product Catalogs
  • Directory Submission
  • Google Business Listing
  • Keyword Targetting
  • Link Building
  • Blog Post
  • Video Blogs
  • News and Press Release

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