We learnt that SEO is an ever-changing field and every year Google decides to launch new algorithms that compel SEO experts to adapt to novel tactics and stay on top of Google rankings. Nowadays people are becoming anxious to invest in link-building strategies that do not damage their website’s overall SEO. There are dozens of such tactics where content marketing remains at the top of the list.

Getting quality backlinks isn’t simple, particularly when you wish to attract backlinks from high-authority domains. But is content marketing one of the strategies that’ll assist you to get the desired results without making heavy investments? So, in today’s blog article, we’re going to share detailed info on how to use content marketing in attaining high-authority backlinks.

Content Marketing Strategies for Link Building

Content marketing is all about developing high-quality content pieces and utilizing them to boost a user website’s performance. Moreover, content marketing means different things for different users in the SEO industry.

It is seen that some people only relate it to guest blogging, others think out of the box and publish data-driven articles as content marketing. There are people who take things to the next level and use the unique technique to run their content marketing campaigns.

Whatever category you fall in though, it is good to design a content marketing strategy that could actively encourage others to link to your website. Also, you can approach content marketing in many several ways; you always have the liberty to select the most efficient method to engage readers.

Top Expert Opinions

When you are working in a company, you are most likely to be surrounded by a high number of experts. One of the most efficient ways to develop a linkable content piece is to publish the expert’s opinion on a specific topic.

Also, remember that publishers don’t have the needed technical expertise to write an informative blog article. This is why they most likely take references from other content pieces and are mostly written by experts. By doing so, they’ll always leave a link back to the original source. Thereby publishing expert contributions are underrated by SEOs. In case if planned accurately, these kinds of articles can become a more pragmatic link-building strategy than guest blogging and aspect like infographics.

Go for Interviews

The global audience always likes to read an expert’s opinion and gather accurate details. One of the persuasive ways to offer your readers the most respective information is to conduct interviews with industry experts and actively publish them on your blog. While performing the interview, highly focus on asking questions that your readers often struggle to find an apt answer to. Also, you can also ask the expert to share numerous insights to make things vivid and simple to understand. You can always begin small and find specialists who could spare a couple of hours to do an interview with you.

Try to Publish Detailed Guides 

It is elaborated that long-form content has always been one of the top ways to offer value to the readers. This could assist you to engage the reader and also covert one-time readers to kind of long-term clients. It actually doesn’t matter if you are in B2B or B2C, immensely publishing long guides will assist you to gain links as well.

In situations when you publish long-form content, known as power pages, you offer readers details that’ll assist them to understand the whole topic in detail. Anyone who’s searching for the best solution is most likely to read a well-professional guide.

In addition, publishers are likely to link to these kinds of guides as well since this will add value to their own articles. So, if every strategy seems too much of a task, sit down and actively write a lengthy blog post.

You can use Infographics

No matter what other strategies are infographics are superlative. They have taken a popular hit in recent years and users beginning to publish quality and beneficial infographics.

If you properly manage to design an infographic that wholly stands out, it’ll become way simpler to draw the massive attention of publishers. However, infographics provide huge solutions and value to the readers.

If you like to acquire backlinks through infographics, one must make sure to invest your time in finding the aptest topic that users actually want to read about. Once you have the relevant topic, begin making points that you wish to mention in the infographic.

Primarily you don’t have to tell the whole story; the main goal should be to share as many valuable details as you can through minimum space. A special infographic that gives readers valuable details is most likely to be linked by the majority of passionate publishers.

Better to Collaborate With Others

One can collaborate with others on a dedicated content marketing campaign and develop content that professionally caters to both audiences. Suppose if you’re in the SEO industry, you can collaborate with a Google Adsense agency and appropriately publish a blog post that discusses how SEO and PPC can profit a business side-by-side. By this method you’ll be able to draw the attention of people who actually publish content related to SEO and PPC, providing you with a different link-building opportunity.

Final Say

It is concluded that Content marketing remains the most popular way to immensely attract quality backlinks to your website.

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