Strategic Use of Images in SEO by Madurai Entrepreneurs would be vital factor. While assessing page structure and layout, there is strategic way to use images in SEO.

You could use images in friendly manner beyond ALT tags that actually improves your search rank while permitting users to integrate the required marketing messages.

Suppose if Madurai Entrepreneurs operate a travel site and they like to optimize a given page for the term “Madurai hotel”. In case you also wish to comprise an attractive marketing message such as “Book now and save 50%”. The above mentioned tagline somewhat lacks descriptive text, but actively possesses good characteristics.

So if you may wish to place the tagline in an image and the key phrase (i.e. Madurai hotel) in a header tag. This effectively places emphasis on the desired term and offers a marketing opportunity without any compromising keyword consistency.

In other words, images are quality place to insert marketing messages that lack the required keywords and phrases. By leveraging this technique it would guarantee that descriptive text is indexed. Moreover less marketing jargon is also overlooked. The combination of keyword-rich content and attractive messaging will satisfy both sides of the possible strategic equation.

In recent times there is always debate between absolute links and relative links in the SEO world. It is widely considered that absolute links offer better SEO value on the whole than relative links. Most of them trust that absolute links have less potential for getting messed up when search engines index your page.

So it must not really make a difference, but many suggest that this is reason enough. In addition content scrapers and RSS services might repurpose your content qualitatively. Anyway it must not acquire a proper back-link be attributed to your site and by this situation it wholly favours absolute links.


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