While things have been a bit busy schedule for people as of late, they still manage to make some time for finding many ways to keep their site safe from any other updates from Google. Important news from Google’s decision to professionally integrate Panda into their core search engine algorithm is that there should be no significant changes on how it works in the years ahead.

If people have been operating a business in website for some time and not run into any Panda-related problems, then it is unlikely that people will run into any issues in the future. Below given are some of the ways of How to make Panda your friend.

You can relax now and forget all about the infamous Panda. Though algorithm is still in play, and we now have relatively nice picture of what we require to do to keep Panda at bay.

You can consider the following points

You should produce any content that might not violate Google’s content guidelines. This comprises thin, duplicate and irrelevant content as well as auto-generated text.

Panda algorithm might not be robust enough to scrutinize quality of every piece of content, but Google could easily take a cue from website visitors through what they call user signals. If Google expediently finds that your website has a high bounce rate and that users hardly spend any time on it before clicking away, then this offers them a reason to trust that your content is not useful and penalize you for that.

Google could also professionally take cues from factors on your website that are known to result in poor user experience. Such factors comprises slow site speed, poor navigation, 404 errors, excessive ads/ links, keyword stuffing, hidden text/cloaking and the like.

Integrity –there is no way for  Google to measure the trustworthiness of your website, the search engine could again take cues from individual elements that reputable sites all have in common – HTTPS encryption, contact details, privacy policy, terms and conditions and minimal ads on the website.

Web marketers should realize about the Panda algorithm is that it has more to do with prosperous users than the technicalities of optimizing a website for quality search engines.  Google might not use adept features like integrated web chat service as a ranking factor but it assists in encouraging people to spend more time on your website which really suggests good user experience. These are the two factors that Google Panda looks favourably upon.

The quality strategy for making your website “Panda-proof” is to concentrate on giving the best possible user experience regarding content. Everything should be of value to everyone, and anything against that could jeopardize your search engine ranking.