It is perfectly proved that LinkedIn Marketing is certainly the best network to generate leads. More than that traditional techniques such as mentioning interesting content potential customers can download or driving traffic to relevant sources, LinkedIn provides immensely personal ways of identifying potential leads, engaging them and turning them into happy customers.

How do Hashtags greatly work on LinkedIn?

Hashtags on LinkedIn work in a similar way to Twitter and Instagram to categorise content. Hashtags professionally assist users find content on a specific topic. Also if you add hashtags to your content, they’ll assist you get discovered by other users, including those not connected to you.

More than that, you can follow hashtags on LinkedIn, primarily meaning that posts containing your selected ones will appear on your feed. From a marketing perspective, that’s the absolute winner and highly making your LinkedIn content available to a broader global audience. They are one of the top ways of LinkedIn Marketing.

Do Hashtags work on LinkedIn Profiles and Company Pages?

Generally you can add hashtags to LinkedIn Profiles and Company Pages, but they don’t behave in the similar way. They’re not actually searchable, and they don’t highlight as a blue clickable link, which actually makes them a non-tagged keyword.

Methods Using Hashtags on LinkedIn – GegoSoft SEO Services

There are two methods using hashtags on LinkedIn:

  • Searching relevant hashtags to follow, so you can join a conversation.
  • Adding relevant hashtags to your content, so more global people can discover you.

It is also learnt that before you rush off to add any of these hashtags to your posts, better to remember that with such a high volume of followers and posts trickling in, your posts might go unnoticed by new global audiences, and that would lower the key purpose of using hashtags altogether. So make sure to also use niche hashtags that are perfectly suitable for your brand or are what potential customers may be following.

Once you do select a hashtag don’t actually stop there, and do an additional check for similar hashtags. LinkedIn’s hashtags and their followers widely vary a lot when it comes to variations, even when they have similar kind of meaning.

Important tips for optimising hashtags on LinkedIn – GegoSoft SEO Services

  • Better to make sure your hashtags are visible
  • Primarily only use relevant hashtags
  • Also don’t use too many hashtags
  • Good to Format your hashtags
  • You can combine hashtags with your message
  • Actively Place hashtags sensibly
  • Develop your own LinkedIn hashtags
  • Better don’t use hashtags for mentions
  • You must Test your hashtags
  • Spell check is necessary

Actively know and grow your audience – LinkedIn Marketing

  • Better to Discover content trending with your target audience
  • You can drive specific actions with a customizable call-to-action button
  • Professionally Monitor activity with visual analytics, including the ability to view all of your Page followers individually
  • You can tap into your product community to generate high quality leads with Product Pages

In case if you are a business-to-business (B2B) business owner, entrepreneur, professional service provider or sales person, LinkedIn can help you overcome these challenges. LinkedIn is a popular social media platform that permits users to build a powerful professional network. They are similar to a business-networking event, it permits its users to connect and build relationships in a professional setting

You can join the conversations that matter – LinkedIn Marketing

  • It is good to post, respond and edit your Page via mobile with the LinkedIn app
  • You can Share PowerPoints, PDFs, and Word Docs
  • Actively React and comment on hashtag feeds associated with your Page
  • You can connect with your community in real-time using LinkedIn virtual events solutions
  • Also bring your whole brand to LinkedIn with Stories

We understand that recently the professional freelancers, modern digital creative’s, established companies and even performing artists can effectively use LinkedIn to promote their services to a different global audience than available on other social networks. The crucial point is to take a smart strategy in approaching it.

Follow GegoSoft SEO Services great tips to help you get more traction on LinkedIn.

  • Create a company page
  • Highlight your business on your own profile
  • Update frequently
  • Use great visuals
  • Start a group
  • Participate in other groups
  • Get employees and partners on board
  • Write smart
  • Interact
  • Take LinkedIn seriously

Best Popular hashtags on LinkedIn 2021 – GegoSoft SEO Services

Hashtags on LinkedIn continue to be widely adopted in 2021, with many having millions of followers. The most familiar hashtags on LinkedIn usually consist of one word and are exceptionally broad, making them applicable to many businesses and individuals. Some of the familiar hashtags on LinkedIn 2021 follows

  • #innovation – 38,872,884 followers
  • #management – 36,099,676 followers
  • #digitalmarketing – 27,452,584 followers
  • #creativity – 25,272,316 followers
  • #technology – 26,488,881 followers
  • #startups – 21,298,852 followers
  • #marketing – 20,382,185 followers
  • #socialmedia -19,756,205 followers
  • #socialnetworking -19,114,722 followers

Finally Consistency Is the Key for LinkedIn Marketing

Eventually, your success on LinkedIn will depend on your dedication each day following the strategic process laid out by GegoSoft SEO Services. With the regular addition of targeted connections to your network and actively building your reputation as an authority in your industry, you will start attracting massive stream of your potential clients through your qualitative efforts.


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