It is enumerated that as a Pinterest user, you can actually save or “pin” any image you find online. By effectively developing several boards and categorizing your collections, one can easily compile and streamline the topics you care about. Mostly images when pinned, are primarily linked to the original websites they’re from. Let us discuss how Pinterest SEO is going to change your business strategies.

Thereby understanding people’s evolving tastes, preferences, and interests; the Pinterest Taste Graph professionally connects the millions of people on Pinterest to billions of fresh acumen ideas that are just right for them. Its how they precisely surface the perfect ideas for each Pinner, assisting them find fresh novel ideas to adore as they move through the various stages of planning their lives.

What is Pinterest SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Pinterest is all about professionally setting up your business Pinterest page to attract comments, shares, and follows from your ideal global audience.

They assist to think of Pinterest as a self-contained search engine, one that pulls up vibrant images with keyword-rich descriptions of blogs, infographics, videos, and products. They are just like any other search engine; Pinterest’s key mission is to deliver quality content to its passionate users.

Pinterest know what content to serve up when you search for something and there are four main factors that influence Pinterest SEO namely

  • domain quality
  • pin quality
  • pinner quality
  • topic relevance

Which Pinterest Ad formats should be explored?

Pinterest provides a variety of ad format options for every goal.

  • Standard referring to Vertical or square image
  • Apt Video
  • Feature of Shopping: Buyable pins allow users to buy instantly
  • Offers Carousel: Users can swipe through multiple images in one pin
  • Types of Collections: Mix lifestyle photos with product images in this ad format

How to optimize your pins for search

It is like traditional SEO for webpage’s, actively integrating keywords into your content is important. Pinterest SEO goes a step ahead further. As a visual medium, optimizing SEO for Pinterest immensely involves things like proper image formatting, precisely sparking engagement from your target market, and adeptly enabling Pinterest’s special key features like the “Save” button and “Rich Pins.” So you can use Pinterest as the powerful marketing tool.

Set up a Business Pinterest account

A business Pinterest account is wholly free, and it provides you access to Pinterest analytics so you can gain high valuable insights into user behaviour. It also greatly enables you to use Rich Pins and other Pinterest features. Setting up your business account is simple and free. Pinterest also provides step-by-step instructions on how to convert your personal account to a business account.

How to Claim your business website on Pinterest

You need to claim your business on Pinterest. This officially allows Pinterest know that the business you claim to represent is primarily your own. This basic step consists of verifying that you own a specific domain, and it needs you to add a link of code to your website. Just follow instructions for claiming your website on Pinterest and you’ll have access to all the incentives that come with a business account.

Illustrate your company description

Primarily you have 500 characters to describe what you do and the value you bring to your customers, so make that space count. Also check out profiles of brands similar to yours for inspiration, and professionally write something that really captures your essence.

What type of content is good for Pinterest?

What type of content is good for Pinterest?

Pinterest isn’t just about amazing pictures. Yes, it all begins with imagery, but those images eventually link to a variety of content, comprising

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • E-books
  • Products

Also be sure to develop engaging image for each piece of content to develop eye-catching pins. Pinterest only permits you to re-pin the same post four times each month, you can link to the same piece of content a blog post, for instance as many times as you’d like, perfectly assuming you use different visuals. In other meaning, Pinterest wants to experience and see different pins, but those pins can link to the same, high-performing compelling content.

Simple Keyword research

Though this is an analysis of Google searches as a whole and not Pinterest searches in specifically, it’s valuable information for a couple of reasons. First thing is that Google’s search data is massive, and even if it doesn’t correlate perfectly to what Pinterest users are searching for, it’ll still give you a strong sense of what the market wants to experience and see. Second thing, Google professionally searches deliver traffic to Pinterest, so you might draw in some external traffic if you offer compelling content.

Develop Keyword-Rich descriptions for Pins and Boards

It is certain that now you’ve got some idea of what your target audience wants to experience, and what they’re looking for, it’s time to develop content that draws them in. So thereby with each piece of content, be sure to add a thorough description that comprises those valuable long tail keywords you discovered. Also do the same with the boards you develop to organize your content.

Use Hashtags freely

The most crucial thing is to make sure your hashtags are relevant to the content you’re pinning. If you actually do that, it is cinch won’t hurt your exposure. Some Pinterest users trust it primarily increases views in that initial burst of spike, right after you pin something.

Good to Add the Pinterest tag to your website

The Pinterest tag is a piece of code that you must add to your website to track traffic that comes from Pinterest and figure out what global users do once they get to your site. Eventually by tracking conversions with the Pinterest tag, you can actually figure out which keywords drive paying customers to your site.

Better to Add the Pinterest “Save” button to images on your site

It is proved fact that you can drive more traffic to your Pinterest page, gain more or massive followers, and greatly increase exposure by adding the Pinterest “Save” button to images on your site.

Adopt best practices when formatting images for pins

Usually the longer is better, with 2:3 ratios being ideal, and an optimal pin size of 1,000 pixels by 1,500 pixels. You must also want to use eye-catching colors that pop on the page with compelling contents.

Pinterest widely supports video Pins in a wide range of dimensions like

  • 1:1: square
  • 9:16, 4:5, 2:3: vertical
  • 16:9: horizontal

Try to Use Rich Pins

It is always better to use Rich Pins which are your best friend when it comes to boosting SEO on Pinterest. They’re exclusive way to add more detail to your Pins for discoverability, and also immensely assist to drive more traffic for your website.

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