Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger Marketing

In case if you are planning to think that messaging might be exclusive for your business, then find out the quality ways of using Facebook Messenger Marketing. It is enumerated that people wish to have engaging, immersive, and interactive experiences. Facebook Messenger Marketing is the answer. By trying these kinds of marketing you’ll be performing one of the most pragmatic methods of marketing available today.

Take the best way to deliver your content

It is said that the most common approach to delivering content to your readers is to use email. So instead of just asking people to fill out a form and get the gated content via email, they provided the option to skip the form and get the content via Facebook Messenger. After four weeks of testing, they found the best way a clear winner. The top Messenger strategy results in a 240 percent higher open rate and a 610 percent higher click rate. Thereby Facebook Messenger Marketing is becoming more crucial than ever before. 

Assist your followers to find the most relevant content

It is good to treat your chatbot like content marketing. Moreover selling shouldn’t be your key objective, but one can simply use content to send users to your site. Also, ensure your site is mobile-responsive. You can also inform customers how and where to contact you if they require additional assistance, including customer service issues. Also, include browsing menus if possible. This makes it simpler for users to find the content they’re actually interested in, even if they don’t know exactly what they’re searching for yet.

Chat Widget for Facebook Messenger Marketing

It is best to use a chat widget where the button on your website permits visitors to message you. You’ve probably seen these before.

Messenger chat widgets destroy all of these downsides.

  • It primarily runs on bots and wholly automated and virtually free.
  • They are available 24/7.
  • You can add the person as a contact in Messenger, which is a permanent lead.
  • More importantly, they respond instantly.

Important tips for optimizing your Messenger widget

  • Welcome the customer by name.
  • Good to remind your visitors that they can pick up the conversation at any time on Messenger, not just on the website Chat widget. Moreover, the chat sequence exists in Messenger on mobile and desktop.
  • You can design your bot to ask for the customer’s email address, phone number, or anything else that you feel very crucial.
  • Offer options and the customer should feel as if he or she is in the driver’s seat.
  • Convey the customer that Live Operator Takeover is available. If customers wish to talk to a human agent, give them this option and explain to them how to get in touch.
  • Develop your leads in Messenger using chat blasts and drip campaigns. So once someone starts a conversation from your website chat widget, they’ve entered your contact list for the future response of retargeting.

Actively combine Your Messenger Bot with Facebook Live Comments

We know that Facebook Messenger bots are a superlative powerful tools for engaging your existing audience and new prosperous leads. There is another quality way to do this on the Facebook platform, better to combine a Messenger bot with a Facebook Live to develop an experience that not only engages but also leads to prospective sales. It is one of the key features adopted in Facebook Messenger marketing.

You can use the Send Message Button to Deliver Offers from Facebook Ads

In case if you’re a professional bot marketer, you can actively expand on that by leveraging both the Send Message button and comment below call to action. It is proved that both of the mechanisms are splendid on their own, but they highly perform even better when used together. It is certain that these tips inspire you to try something new with Facebook Messenger marketing.

Best to Deliver Event Reminders for Facebook Messenger Marketing

By using this feature the best and simplest use of Messenger bots is to remind people to attend an event such as a Facebook Live broadcast or a webinar. It is adeptly found that reminders for a live webinar sent via email only get a 40% open rate, but for reminders sent via a bot they get an 80% open rate, which is primarily almost double. 

More importantly, the nearly double open rate is the number of people who actually attended. Almost fifteen percent of people who click through from email reminders attend, but with 37% of people who primarily click through via a bot reminder attend eventually that’s more than double. As more and more people qualitatively adopt messaging, the good for you to market and grow your business through Facebook Messenger Marketing becomes even precious.

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