Have you been looking for a long time to add a contact form Plugins on your WordPress site?. Regular Conversation and Communication are the better way to convey our user Queries or any product’s doubts clarify the method. In this article, we’ve shared the top 5 contact form plugins on your WordPress site compared with their features, cons, and pros. After you read this article definitely has clarified about contact form plugins.



Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins


WP-Forms is specially developed for WP beginners. This plugin helps in making easy and powerful contact forms for your website. WP-Forms is built by the WP beginner team with the goal to create an easy-to-use, but also powerful contact form plugin.


Key Features:

  • Blank form
  • Simple contact form
  • Newsletter signup form
  • Suggestion form


Pros of WP-Forms:

  1. Easy Drag and Drop Builder.
  2. Mobile Responsive.
  3. Variety of Form Templates.
  4. Spam Protection.
  5. PayPal Addon.
  6. Salesforce Addon.

Cons of WP-Forms:

  1. The elite plan is expensive.
  2. Lifetime plans are not available.


Formidable Forms is our second choice for the contact form plugin. It is the most advanced WordPress form plugin in the market. It is developing amazing contact forms in no time.


Key Features:

  • Drag and Drop form builder
  • Visual Styler
  • Tons of Form Templates.
  • Dynamic Fields
  • Easy to Customize


Pros of Formidable Forms:

  1. The most powerful and advanced WordPress form plugin available.
  2. The simple drag-and-drop interface requires no coding knowledge.
  3. Customizable forms look great on all devices and complement your WordPress theme.
  4. Multiple features allow you to expand beyond basic contact forms.
  5. Integrates seamlessly with popular email marketing platforms.

Cons of Formidable Forms:

  1. Complete beginners might be tough to understand by all of the Formidable Forms options.


Ninja Forms is one of the freemium WordPress contact form plugins. It can be used to create highly interactive forms without too much effort.


Key Features:

  • Drag and drop form builder
  • 27+ field types
  • Regular updates
  • Dedicated support
  • Customizable form templates
  • Fully responsive, SEO, & mobile friendly
  • Beautifully matches your theme’s design decisions
  • Translated into 16+ languages


Pros of Ninja Forms:

  1. Free
  2. Easy of Use
  3. Flexibility

Cons of Ninja Forms:

  1. Limited Features
  2. It is More Expensive


Gravity Forms is one of the paid WordPress form builder plugins which comes with lots of advanced benefits and features. The plugin also is helping developers to build their complex form-related solutions.


Key Features:

  • Easy to use, Powerful forms
  • Fight Spam
  • Responsive Design
  • Integration
  • Limit and Schedule Forms


Pros of Gravity Forms:

  1. Manage all forms from a single location.
  2. The 30-day money-back guarantee.
  3. Gravity Perks seamlessly integrates with Gravity Forms’ existing interfaces.
  4. Extensive documentation for every perk.
  5. New Forms are regularly added.
  6. Very simple to use.

Cons of Gravity Forms:

  1. No free version.


Jetpack gives many features apart from just the contact form. It is a free WordPress plugin that offers an easy contact form module along with other 25+ modules for different tasks. Unlike other contact form plugins where you need to create the forms first, with Jetpack, you can create and add the contact form from the main WordPress editing screen itself.


Key Features:

  • Enhanced Website Functionality
  • Traffic growth and Statistics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Ad/Ads Block
  • Security Scanning


Pros of Jetpack:

  1. One plugin to set up them all. You get all essential features in one easy-to-manage package.
  2. Jetpack is highly optimized for performance with Automattic’s (company behind Jetpack and WordPress.com) powerful infrastructure running in the background.
  3. It has a nicer user interface than your typical WordPress plugins.

Cons of Jetpack:

  1. Jetpack offers limited features, providing only the option for a simple contact form;
  2. You cannot count on Jetpack if you wish to have a well-customized contact form on your WordPress site.

Which one is the best choice?

Although, We covered the top and best contact forms plugins can help you create your contact form.  If you are a beginner and you want a reliable contact form plugin, choose WP-Forms. If you are a developer that needs complex forms, go for Formidable Forms. We hope this article helps you choose the best contact forms.  If you wish, you can tell us in the comments which one you prefer.

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