Before We will go to see the Best SEO plugins list for the WordPress site. I would like to share about SEO plugins.  These plugins use to increase your ranking in search engine consoles. The best plugins show you SEO projections and recommendations on your page and post-editors. It’s easier to understand and install, and you can choose from a wide range of plugins with different features.


Importance of SEO Plugins for a WordPress site:

1. Permalink Optimization:

Permalink means is the URL of posts or pages. WordPress has different types of methods to create URLs. By default, permalinks look like this: this is not a good URL for search engines because it’s difficult to take ranking. We create permalinks something like this this is more accessible for both search engines and visitors.

2. SEO Friendly Titles:

Title tags are one of the most important for SEO. It is directly impacting search engines. So you focus on keywords and provide a unique and impressive title, then the only site will increase ranking.

3. Meta Description:

Meta Description that can be seen under the page link within a Google/Yahoo/Bing search result page. This tells the short summary of any posts or web page. SO if meta descriptions are unique and SEO friendly then obviously site will get a better ranking.

4. Linking to Related page:

Linking to other related posts is a very important feature. It allows search engines to crawl your older posts quickly and easily

5.   Unique Content:

Content must be unique and easily readable. If you just copy texts from other sites and paste them into your posts, search engines will automatically detect your posts as duplicated and you will get negative SEO. SO try to make your own content.

SO these are the basic Importance of SEO plugins in WordPress Site. 

Here below we have suggested the best SEO plugins for WordPress Sites:


1.Yoast SEO:

Yoast SEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) plug-in for WordPress. The plugin has five million active installations and has been downloaded more than 310 million times.

Features :

1. Paragraph Structure

2. Meta Descriptions

3. Keyword Density

4. Link Support

5.  Prior Keyword Usage

6. Social Sharing

7. Permalinks Checkups


Pros of Yoast:

1. Helps to improve readability

2. Create an SEO optimized post

3. Generate XML sitemap

4. Easily customize Facebook and twitter post

Cons of Yoast:

1. Slow Site Speed

2. Need Premium version for advanced SEO settings



    2. The SEO Framework:

    The SEO Framework, as the name describes, is a WordPress plugin for SEO. It was created for WordPress environments much like; this means that it’s built with users in mind who want to focus on getting their website ready in an enterprise-like and stable environment, without a hassle, without SEO knowledge required, without advertisements, and without branding. The plugin has one million active installations

    Features :

    1. Local SEO

    2. Article Enhancement

    3. Monitoring for SEO and Uptime

    4. Incognito mode

    5.  Prior Keyword Usage

    6. Redirects

    7. Comment caching for spammers


    Pros of SEO Framework:

    1. Useful explanations for each setting

    2. Highly customizable technical SEO settings

    3. Exceptional support

    4. Easy Metadata optimization

    5. No ads


    Cons of SEO Framework:

    1. No Content analysis in Free version

    2. Quite poor set of features for Free version



      3. SEOPress

      SEOPress is my option for SEO plugins. SEOPress Plugins has 150000+ active installations

      Features :

      1. A simple installation wizard

      2. Control of Titles and Meta Descriptions

      3. Generate an XML sitemap

      4. Generate  HTML sitemap

      5. Content Analysis Tool

      6. Google Knowledge Graph

      7. Generate Meta data for Twitter Card,


      Pros of SEOPress:

      1. Over-optimization tool function

      2. Multi-keyword analysis

      3. Insight & audit toolkit

      4. Semantic builder

      5. MetaCrawler management

      6. Social media integration

      7. Unlimited sites license


      Cons of SEO Framework:

      1. No free version

      2. No buy-it-once option

      3. Updates are not frequent

      4. No account area or anything except upgrade page



        4. All In One SEO

        My fourth choice ALL In One SEO Improve your website’s search rankings and get maximum traffic with the All In One SEO toolkit. Get the #1 most powerful WP SEO plugin now & save 50% on your purchase. Limited time deal. Local SEO support. 100% money-back guarantee. Great customer service.

        Features :

        1. SEO Custom User Roles

        2. Google News Sites Maps

        3. Social Media Integration

        4. Local SEO

        5.  Smart XML Sitemaps

        6. Robots. text Editor

        7. SEO Audit Checklist


        Pros of AIO SEO:

        1. Simple and easy to set up.

        2. Easy to edit the title and description.

        3. Advanced tools to control indexing, tagging, and search engine following as well as turn it off for a particular post and page.

        4. All in One SEO Pack offers lots of features in the free version.


        Cons of AIO SEO:

        1. There is no content analysis 

        2. All in One SEO does not have easy navigation and importing data from Google Search Console features.

        3. There is no support in the free version of the All in One SEO Pack



          This list covers quite a bit, but some companies have different SEO needs. So, here are our recommendations based on our research of the best SEO plugins for WordPress.

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