When I’m not exploring to rectify some of the Facebook errors these days, I like to take a short breather and actively relax with some articles on my phone. If users followed the news about the latest ways to rectify Facebook errors over the past few weeks, then you’ll know that how good would be.

In case if you’re a social media professional marketer, you might know that errors come up on all social media platforms. Also if you spend enough time marketing on Facebook, you have likely come across these particular errors that stop all of your valuable efforts. This blog assists to troubleshoot these common Facebook errors.

Important Facebook Ads Manager Errors

In between unapproved ads to a pending status that lasts actually for weeks, errors come up within the Facebook Ads Manager, and sometimes it’s not clear how to resolve them.

How to resolve Disabled Ad Account     

To keep Facebook safe and ensure positive experiences between passionate people and businesses, they review ad accounts to check for any kind of violations of Advertising Policies and Terms of Service. This might result in ad accounts that don’t comply with these relevant policies and terms being disabled.

Also, you could check the status of your ad accounts, Business Manager Accounts, commerce accounts, catalogues and Pages in Account Quality, which you can certainly access when signed in to your Facebook account.

Types of Ads that may not promote unacceptable business practices:

  • This comprises promoting products, services, schemes or offers that utilize deceptive or misleading practices to scam people out of money or personal details.
  • Avoid utilizing sensational language that could feel misleading, namely as ads that overpromise results or do not disclose risks.
  • The Ads must not contain profanity or poor grammar and feature of punctuation.

Try to avoid the use of misleading claims:

  • The Ads, landing pages and business practices should not contain deceptive, false or misleading content, comprising deceptive claims, offers or methods.
  • The Ads, landing pages and business practices also should not contain promises or claims to cure chronic, incurable or serious medical conditions or claims of unrealistic results within particular time frames. Thereby such promises and claims might not hold true for all passionate users.

Try to avoid unclear or non-functional landing page experiences:

  • You must make sure that your ad comprises a functional landing page with respective messaging that actually matches the ad content. The destination URL should not lead people to a site that is under construction or to any kind of error page.
  • See that your landing page must describe the product or service and its features, and set realistic expectations around its functionality.

Try to avoid the use of adult content in your ad:

  • The Ads should not comprise nudity, depictions of people in explicit or suggestive positions, or activities that are suggestive of any kind of sexually provocative.

Act of repeated violations:

  • In case if they find that an ad account is repeatedly trying to run ads that don’t comply with said policies, they might determine that the advertiser illustrates a risk to the platform.

What do you must do if you think that your ad account was disabled by mistake?

In case if your ad account has been disabled, you must visit Account Quality to find out more details and request another review.

Key Note: You should be an admin on the ad account that you like to appeal.

  • Go Visit Account Quality.
  • Then Under ‘What you can do’, select Request review.
  • Strictly follow the steps to submit a review.

How to manage permissions in Ad Accounts

In case if you’re an admin on an ad account, you could remove or change the permissions of someone on your ad account. Thereby any changes you might take effect instantly on your ad account.

Try to remove permissions

How to remove a person from your ad account:

  • Straightway go to Settings in Ads Manager. You may need to re-enter your password.
  • Then scroll down to Ad account roles.
  • Search the person you wish to remove and choose to Remove the user.

Key Note: You should have to be an admin to remove yourself from an ad account.

Go for Change permissions

How to change the permissions of a person on your ad account:

  • Just scroll down to Ad account roles.
  • Search the person you like to remove and choose to Remove the user.
  • So in the same section, choose Add people and add the same person to your ad account. Also, make sure that you select their new role before you add them.

How to resolve an Unapproved Ad

It is enumerated that Ads Manager professionally enables you to manage and edit your campaigns, ad sets or ads. You could edit active or inactive campaigns. Thereby when you make edits, you have the best option to publish changes instantly or actively save changes and publish later.

These are some of the errors you could possibly encounter on Facebook, but we trust that this assists you to resolve some of these common errors.

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