Wondering whether to do SEO all by yourself or outsource it to an agency? It’s a question many are asking and if you’re in the same boat, it’s something worth considering. Don’t be afraid to outsource when it comes to your business – it can be a more efficient and cost-effective option in the long term. Managers sometimes try the DIY route and end up with way too much on their plate, resulting in wasted time and money. It might not be the best choice for you to insource everything, so consider hiring SEO services instead – it could be a great decision for various reasons!

It Saves You Time

For business owners and managers, time is a scarce commodity and SEO can be an incredibly time-consuming endeavor. So, it’s important to make the most efficient use of what little time you have.

Investing in an SEO agency can save you the hassle and time of researching, optimizing, and maintaining your online presence. You’ll also get access to a team of experts taking care of your brand while you can focus on other stuff related to your business. Hiring an SEO agency can be a great move for many businesses as they take care of all your search marketing needs. They really put in the extra effort and are available almost all the time.

An SEO agency can do all the time-zapping tasks needed for search optimization like:

Your biz’s SEO success relies on doing keyword research, focusing on KPIs, customizing metadata, keeping an eye on keyword density and content optimization, plus internal linking. You’ll need to make changes to your website for it all to work.

With the help of an SEO agency, you won’t have to stress about making time to do search marketing; they’ll take care of it all and show you the results.

It Saves you Money

It’s not cheap having an in-house SEO team. It involves heavy investment in salaries, software, and hardware, which needs to be regularly funded. It can be cost-effective for hiring¬† SEO services since they offer their skills and resources at a cheaper rate than having your own team.

Many companies may be put off by the service fees of getting an outside SEO company, but they simply can’t ignore the benefits it brings and the unbeatable ROI. SEO really helps businesses grow and is definitely worth investing in.

According to Statista, SEO has been one of the most lucrative marketing strategies – with a reported 32% of marketers saying it offers the highest ROI and 41% who say it offers at least medium ROI. Hiring an SEO company means that the cost gets offset by the revenue it drives, which is a major plus. So, basically, you’re getting a lot more for your money.

Safety for Your Business

Doing SEO yourself can get pretty risky – you could end up with a search penalty, have your website hacked, or even end up in a lot of spam. That’s why hiring an experienced SEO agency is such a good idea – they know the best practices to avoid any damage and keep your website running and ranked well.

Hiring SEO services can be a great idea for certain businesses, however not all agencies are the same. If that’s the route you decide to go, then do your research and make sure you’re working with a reputable agency.

This is where experts can help you.

Agencies usually have a special team to look out for issues on sites such as Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics. This helps them identify any major problems early on. If you don’t know what to look out for, black-hat hacks, bad backlinks, manual actions, and security flaws are all potentially major issues. On top of that, hiring an SEO agency can also help make sure your biz is free from any bad press, competitors, and misconceptions about SEO which are all great advantages.

Get More Sales & Revenue           

This goes without saying, but it’s still worth mentioning. An SEO agency can not only boost your sales but also help generate massive revenue for your company. It’s no small change either – the potential gains are huge.

According to BrightEdge, over 40% of online income comes from search engine traffic and it brings in more than half of all web traffic! SEO leads are 8X more likely to be successful than the leads generated by outbound marketing and have an impressive close rate of over 14%. Stats show that if you make it to the top spot on page 1 of Google, you can expect to get 33% of all clicks – not bad huh?

These figures highlight just how important it is to have your website optimized for search terms in order to increase sales and revenue.

SEO is essential and not something you should overlook. So much so that many companies find it beneficial to employ an SEO agency to ensure they have a strong SEO foundation. Ultimately, the importance of SEO for business growth means it could be dangerous to get this wrong.

Stay On top of Trends

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very dynamic and ever-changing field since the algorithms and best practices are constantly evolving. What may have worked a month ago might not be the best approach today, making it absolutely essential to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and algorithm changes. This is why Hiring SEO services can be so beneficial – they dedicate the time and resources to research, track trends, and make sure you’re always utilizing the most effective strategies that will keep your website at the top of search engine rankings.

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