It’s getting rarer to get news about algorithms update these days, so when I find something that is different; I’m quick to jump on the opportunity. That’s why Google link spam update is unlike anything you should know in detail in this article. Google is getting rolling out the link spam update which makes its algorithms more effective for identifying and nullifying link spam.

More importantly Google cautions that changes in rankings are certain for some site owners. Once again Links are back in the spotlight with Google announcing the rollout of the Google link spam update. Google’s also suggests a specific emphasis on targeting links from sponsored, guest, and affiliate content. It wants site owners to pay attention to its sincere advice on how to handle links within content where there’s absolute exchange of value involved.

Tag Best Practices for Google Link

Google tells site owners to qualify links appropriately when linking out to other sites. Moreover the sites are needed to add tags to links where there’s a value exchange between the two domains. Specifically Google singles out affiliate links and relevant links from sponsored and guest content.

Google suggests for each type of link

Feature of Affiliate links

Google conveys sites participating in affiliate programs to qualify these links with rel=“sponsored”, irrespective of whether these links were created manually or dynamically.

Factor of Links from sponsored posts

The Links that are advertisements or paid placements generally called paid links are to be marked up with the rel=“sponsored” value.

Relevant Links from guest posts

Links from guest posts are to be actually marked up with the rel=“nofollow” value.

what is actually link spam

More precisely the Link spam’ is defined as links between pages that are present for reasons other than merit. In addition Link spam takes whole advantage of link-based ranking algorithms, which provides websites higher rankings the more other highly ranked websites link to it.

Feel like a penalty

It seems Google might not penalize your site for these spammy links, if Google ignores or nullifies links that might have been assisting a site rank well in Google Search, it might feel like a penalty. In simple words if you see your rankings drop over the two weeks and if it is a sharper drop, it might be related to this Google Link Spam update.

How Affiliate links should be

We learnt that Affiliate links are general way for publishers to monetize their traffic. More precisely Google conveys using affiliate links to monetize a website is fine.

For publishers point of view they are concerned whether the link spam algorithm update might penalize sites for placing untagged affiliate links, Google guarantees there’s no harm in having a lot of affiliate links on a page if the main content adds value to the web. It is enumerated that the number of affiliate links on one page is irrelevant as long as the main content is useful or beneficial to searchers.

There must be certainly a reason to show your site in search for users who are searching for something. The reason is not usually the affiliate link but the actual content that you offer on those pages. With that perspective trying to optimize the affiliate links or trying to hide the affiliate links is almost wasted effort since that’s not what they care about.

What are the Best Practices – GegoSoft SEO Services?

For implementing the best practice, Google conveys to avoid methods of acquiring links that violate guidelines against link schemes. Precisely publishers linking out to other sites must make sure to immensely qualify those links appropriately.

The site owners must make sure that they are following the best practices on links, both incoming and outgoing. Eventually strongly focusing on producing high quality content and ameliorating user experience always wins out compared to manipulating links. It is also good to promote awareness of your site utilizing appropriately tagged links, and actively monetize it with properly tagged affiliate links.

Suppose if you find a dip in rankings, try to make sure to update the content by adding more relevance and authoritativeness. Also keep in mind that the update is not focused on links or any other aspect but is truly based on the search relevance.

It is reported that Google is not directly penalizing sites which feature product reviews with low-quality, thin content. But it sound more like a penalty when another site with better content than yours shows up while you are actually pushed down in the SERPs.

The actual truth is where Google won’t be posing a penalty against your content but only intends to applause sites that put up unbiased and insightful product reviews which assist users to make good choices.

To sum up the explanation from Google has been finding more and more websites largely using outbound links which as a means to monetize their website. For putting stop over and bring quality this Google Link Spam has been updated.

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