It is explained that Search intent is a deceptively simple SEO concept that can power up your search efforts when you actually put it to correct use. In case if keyword research answers the question of “what” potential customers are looking for, search intent perfectly answers the question of “why” they’re looking for it.

What is Search intent?

Search intent professionally gives you insight into the why behind a search query. In simple words, why did the user conduct this search? Are they searching products and like to read reviews? Are they actually ready to make a purchase? Do they wish to learn how to do something?

Why Search Intent matter so important to SEO

It is reported that Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. In simple, Google’s whole reason for being is to offer users with the most relevant search results for their query.

If you like to rank in Google, you need to create content that’s highly relevant for a specific query. As a fact, search intent matters so much to Google that they wholly dedicated 17 percent of their search quality evaluator guidelines to understanding user intent. More precisely it is 13 pages out of a 175-page document.

Moreover Google even goes so far as to adeptly assert that intent is redefining the marketing funnel by actually pointing out that people no longer follow a linear path from awareness to consideration to purchase. Mainly their focus primarily expands and contracts in unique unpredictable moments. If every time someone turns to their device for instant answer, they’re qualitatively expressing intent and redefining the traditional marketing funnel along the best way.


Four Kinds of Search Intent

If you have already done keyword research to establish a solid foundation of core keywords that primarily matter for your business. After wholly understanding search intent the next step is to extending your core keywords into themes that perfectly align with particular categories of search purpose.

Moreover your intent-specific piece of content would certainly send a stronger signal to Google about that page’s concept and purpose. In turn, it assists Google match what you’re providing with what particular searchers are searching for.

About Informational

The searcher is looking for details. It could be they need the answer to a simple question. They could be searching for a more detailed explanation to a question. Although it assists to think of informational search queries as questions and they’re not actually always formulated as such.


It is decided that someone already knows where they like to go, but might be they’re unsure of the exact URL, or they figure it’s simpler to have Google return the link than to type the URL into the address bar themselves.


It is expected that the searcher wants to purchase something. They know what they want to buy, and they’re searching for the best place to buy it from.

Example transactional queries:

  • “best price laptop”
  • “buy smart phone”
  • “headphone bluetooth cheap”

About Commercial investigation

This searcher is in the research phase before making a final decision on a particular purchase. They’re still weighing their options and are searching for reviews, round-ups, and comparisons to guide them in the right direction.

Examples of commercial investigation searches:

  • “best office chair”
  • “pet food review”
  • “best burgers in London”

It is seen that last example is a local search. It’s common for local searches to have commercial investigation intent, like “tea near me”.

Search Intent for SEO

You have main reasons why you should always pay attention to search intent while developing content:

Actively evaluate your chances to rank for a keyword

Evaluating the keywords only on their search volume is a mistake. It is stated that Keywords with the highest search volumes are usually competitive. And if you don’t appear on the first page of Google, you might be a splinter of the busy traffic.

Select your competitors wisely

It is enumerated that when you actually prepare a new piece of content, you must evaluate your competition for a given keyword. This can assist you assess how long your blog post should be, what the perfect keyword density is, etc. Also don’t compare yourself to the top ten and this might sink your content efforts.

You must always exclude competitors whose content serves different search intent than yours. Moreover Google has different sets of rules for different search intents.

Assuage your audience and build credibility

By getting the search intent right it doesn’t only serve search engines. Primarily it’s for your audience, too. If you know which kinds of search intent they’re after, which questions they like answer for, and what type of content they expect to see You will be able to meet all their expectations. It would also build your credibility in the eyes of an audience. Also you appear as someone who wants to help them, not just take over the SERP.

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