What would you say about the lazy loading? For us, it’s got to be the seven easy rules of lazy loading to improve websites. Thereby we decided to give simple rules and benefits of lazy loading.

One must certainly consider the average page load time is approximately 22 seconds; many businesses are definitely missing out on leads due to slow loading pages. If your firm’s page takes more than three seconds to reload, lazy loading can assist your page load quicker.

What Makes Lazy Loading So Important?

Suppose when you create your site, you have dozens of images and videos on your pages. Primarily these elements can actually slow down your site since the large files take a long time to load.

So when the user visits a page on your site, the whole page of content is downloaded and rendered. It permits the browser to cache all the information, but there is no guarantee that someone who accesses the site will view all the details.

Moreover, there is also no guarantee that users will remain on your site long enough to view all your loaded content. Thereby if you load a page normally, someone might only look at the top of the page and leave. It actually means you wasted memory and bandwidth loading the bottom half of your page that they generally never looked at.

So with lazy loading, your website generally loads as someone engages with your site. It would load the top half of your page and the bottom half of your page having placeholder content. When the user scrolls down to look at more of your page, the placeholder content is actually replaced with the actual content.

In case if someone loaded the page and instantly left, nothing beyond the top portion would load. Thereby with lazy loading, you don’t load the whole page right away. It primarily loads as users scroll through the page.

More importantly Lazy loading is the alternative to bulk loading all of your content. So instead of waiting for your whole site to load, your audience can access information quickly. Your page only loads when needed. This kind of loading avoids your site from taking too long to load. Thereby when you have a site that takes too long to load, you experience a higher bounce rate. Also high bounce rate will negatively impact your SEO campaign.

Do lazy loading impact SEO?

Primarily it appears that lazy loading is the ideal solution to assisting your pages to load quickly. In addition, your pages will load fast and permit your audience to access your information quickly. The problem arises when you’re trying to optimize for SEO.

It is illustrated that Lazy loading impacts how search engines crawl your site. If your page doesn’t instantly load, search engines could not crawl the entire page. This generally means that your content will be ignored or misinterpreted. You don’t want search engines to miss details on your site since it affects how your page ranks in the search results. It also affects how you rank for keywords and results in your page not ranking properly for specific keywords.

If you use lazy loading, you must make sure all relevant content is visible in the viewport. Also, you want to make sure your pages support paginated loading if you implement an infinite scroll. This will permit users to share your content, and it primarily enables Google to show links to specific points in content instead of linking to the top of infinite scrolling pages.

Important Advantageous of using lazy loading for SEO

Speeds up your page’s load time

Lazy loading is the optimal balance between permitting users to access your information and assisting you to save bandwidth. When you use lazy loading, your audience grabs your details quickly. If they find what they require on the top of your page, you don’t need to worry about wasting bandwidth on loading the rest of the page. This assists you streamline the user’s experience. You offer them with valuable details and only load the information they require as they need it.

Actively connects users to content faster

One of the best advantages of lazy loading is that users can connect fast to your content. Thereby when you try to load your entire page, it slows down the load time. With lazy loading, your audience will get access to details in seconds. They can see your details as soon as they load your page. The other details load later as they continue to scroll through your page.

It is a top benefit since it paces how your audience accesses information. They can take their time reading your details and load the rest of it as they continue to scroll through your page. Eventually it saves your website bandwidth and assists you to offer content as per your audience needs it.

Keeps visitors on your site longer

When users access your details quickly, they remain on your site longer. Thereby you can keep leads on your page longer, which actually leads to more users learning about your business.

Assists you maximize your resources

It assists you to save resources. Moreover you don’t load your whole page every time someone accesses it; you save bandwidth, data, and needs less work from the browser. This assists you to save resources so more people can access your site.

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