Progressive Web Accelerated Mobile Pages is strongly proving to be a massive adoption among many users that they are returning to take it seriously. It’s one we suggest checking out if you wish to unwind the benefits of Progressive Web Accelerated Mobile Pages.

We understand that the digital globe is changing every day, and without changing with the advanced technology, users will not be able to reach their online branding and marketing goals. Thereby with the increasing web development technology, the audiences are becoming restless in their browsing behavior.

The users like the website to get loaded within the blink of an eye. Progressive web app and accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are becoming fast the two pillars of web development for engaging better website user experience.

What is AMP?

AMP is an open-source project that permits developers to upgrade the mobile ecosystem. The AMP is primarily introduced to deliver faster loading content on the website. It assists in ameliorating the server performance. Website speed optimization generally involves the AMP feature making loading time faster, which would finally help in indexing more quickly on SERP and better ranking. Moreover, AMP HTML, AMP JS, and AMP cache are the three core combinations that help to offer a fast user experience.

Thereby High speed and lower bounce rates are some of the significant merits of using the AMP version. In addition, the URL structure of an AMP page should be readable to the users.

Knowing about Progressive Web Apps or PWA

It is a big boom in the digital platform and PWA is the great combination of Web Apps (Mobile Apps) or the website page, which offer us the look and feel of the mobile application. This mechanization purely combines the design notion, features; APIs to drop ship of a better mobile app. PWA primarily boosts up the speed of elements on a website. It also offers a better user experience, due to which the conversion rate of the business gets higher. More importantly, Progressive web apps are an incredible option for all e-commerce websites. The merits of using the PWA are that it reduces server load time through its faster loading.

Things to Know About Progressive Web Accelerated Mobile Pages

It is enumerated that while AMP makes the website mobile friendly and assists it to load faster, PWA with faster download offers us a better look and feel of the web page. Also, the combination of these two remarkable technologies would mutate the browsing experience like never before. Moreover combining these two would give us below mentioned merits

Feature of faster loading of the page

The website gets cache with the help of AMP, and this primarily makes it possible for us to navigate a website offline.

About Home screen placement

PWA offers the push notification and permits a user to add an icon on the desktop/home screen. PWA would increase user engagement more.

Intent Ranking on SERP

In case when a user hits a query on SERP, pages with the amp feature will rank higher with flash speed.

Quality Integration of PWA & AMP works as


It is learned that AMP, as a progressive web app, is using AMP with constraints. AMP can be used wisely for a website with the static content present in it, limiting AMP’s use. AMP as PWA permits offline access, and also generally displays the option “Add to Home screen.” It is wholly possible due to a “service-worker” installed in it.


Specifically, AMP to a progressive web app is a combination of flattening transitions. In addition, all static content on a website uses AMPs for faster loading speed. AMP assists the content to be rendered as one single AMP as a user browses pages on a website. PWA in the background continues to cache information loaded on the website. Thereby, as soon as the user clicks on another link, it opens up instantly.

Also, AMP’s are pre-rendering peculiarly and PWA enriches user engagement, it ameliorates the merits of AMP as an entry point to PWA. Moreover the installation of a “server worker” at client-side proxy permits to primarily solve all the pages. After the first load, only the server worker gets generally activated.


When you consider AMP in progressive web apps is important to step involving the reuse of AMP as a data origin for PWA. The convolution of a website gets reduced and still receives the same merits by reusing the AMP pages. AMP pages can be safely embedded in another website as AMP libraries get loaded only once for the whole PWA. Also said TAMP in PWA necessitates the use of another AMP called ‘Shadow AMP.’ Thereby use of async attributes to load Shadow AMP library.

Primarily E-commerce websites usually require reliable technical SEO services to rank higher on SERPs. Moreover, online stores, travel, tourism apps and websites, media, and paid content are some of the niches in real-world scenarios that would offer a good result by combining PWA and AMP versions. This PWAMP, due to its rich experience, can be easily expected to play a dominant role in the digital globe.

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