How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you were not completely satisfied with the end result after using free online translation services? The sad truth is that most free online translation services don’t provide you with a copy that native speakers reading your text can fully appreciate. Everything changed with the launch of DocTranslator. This online document translation software will help you in many ways. Whether you need to translate a document for personal or business use, the service will immediately provide you with a high-quality translation without having to spend the extra money on having some translation agency do the work for you.

What is the essence of service?

DocTranslator is an online document translation software that allows you to translate up to 1000 words for free without any language restrictions. It allows you to translate common languages ​​such as English to Spanish, English to German or English to French. You can also use less common combinations like Taiwanese and Indonesian or Norwegian and Swedish. If you need to translate more than 2,000 words, a low-cost premium plan of $0.004 per word applies. Unlike other translation services that charge a monthly subscription, with DocTranslator you only pay for the words you translate. The quality of translations is another aspect that makes this free translation software better than other online services. You don’t have to worry about the type of file you use for translation. DocTranslator translates Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Adobe InDesign .IMDL files.

This is a general overview. Now let’s get into the details.

What makes DocTranslator better than other online translators?

A growing number of businesses have become international. To make their services available to wider audiences, companies need to translate their messages into languages they do not speak fluently or do not know. Hiring a translator may be costly, especially for startups and small companies. Things may get complicated when you need to hire a translator speaking one of the least spoken languages. Online translation software should be a win-win solution.

DocTranslation offers more than most online translation tools can provide you with. It uses artificial intelligence, which allows you to do translations that can sound as good as the texts translated by a human.

By using DocTranslation, you can get your text translated into more than 100 languages for free. Do you need to get your copy translated into one, two, or dozens of languages? The service lets you get it all done in an instant. It lets you translate texts from English to Spanish, English to German, or English to French. Suppose you are interested in making some less common translations, like translation from Taiwanese to Indonesian or Norwegian to Swedish. In that case, you may also feel free to rely on the DocTranslation services. You can get any translation done for free, without any language restrictions.

The service is free for documents containing 2,000 words. The premium plan is applied if you need to translate a longer text copy. The paid version costs less than most software charges. Unlike other services, you pay only for the services you need. Thus, the plan costs 0.004/word.

Translating texts with the help of online translation software gives you many advantages compared to using the services of translation agencies. Besides the money matters, you get a quality translation of text instantly delivered to you. There is no need to wait until the software provides you with the translation made in the chosen language. DocTranslator translates as you write or copy and paste your copy. The machine learning algorithm and artificial intelligence constantly improve the quality of the translation services and provide you with a high-quality translation that can easily compete with the translations delivered by translation agencies.

Another big advantage of using DocTranslator is that the software is compatible with many popular file formats, including Word files and PDF documents. Besides, you may also feel free to translate Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations, or even Adobe InDesign.IMDL files.

All that it takes to translate your text is to follow these quick steps:

That’s pretty much it! You may feel free to use the translation on your website for your marketing campaign or other purposes.

Give it a try! The service is available for free!

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