Are you looking for Best Email Marketing Plugins for your business and Website? Here we’ve well-analyzed compared with their Features, Pros and Cons. There are tons of plugins available but now we will see the top 5 Emailmarketing plugins for WordPress. It helps to grow your business and reach more customers. Today World turns on Digital Everyone has network connectivity, mobile phones. So this one of the ways also helps for your business.


Best Email Marketing Plugins for WordPress


Newsletter plugin offers the widest range of options so far and is considered to be the most popular plugin in the field of email marketing tools for WordPress. Newsletter offers a good set of tools including subscription widget, flexible plugin interface with a huge list of custom settings for the newsletter and subscribers. Also, you can track down your marketing results via the statistics tool available with this plugin.


Key Features:

  • Convenient Drag-n-Drop builder
  • Subscription spam check
  • Subscribers lists to fine-target your campaigns
  • SMTP-Ready
  • Advanced targeting


Pros of Newsletter:

  1. High degree of deliverability
  2. Excellent support
  3. Best feature set
  4. High quality templates

Cons of Newsletter:

  1. Can be expensive
  2. Limited integration with WordPress
  3. Usage restrictions


ALO EasyMail is slightly increasing download in the field of Email Marketing because it is just as good as the Newsletter plugin that was the first in this list, but it offers even more awesome functions for WordPress email marketing purposes. You can manage every step of your mailing campaigns with the help of this plugin. It is a very reliable plugin with tons of awesome features. There is an excellent theme manager to enliven email appearance, debug tool and many more.


Key Features:

  • Available in more than 20 languages.
  • Simple writing and sending html/text newsletters.
  • Collecting subscribers.
  • Creating and managing mailing lists.
  • Newsletter themes.

Pros of ALO EasyMail:

  1. Import and Export registered user data from a CSV file.
  2. It also makes the process of managing, adding, and deleting subscribers super simple.

Cons of ALO EasyMail:

  1. It is Suited for Personel Blogs and Small Business.

mailchimp-for-wp (1)

MailChimp Plugin is one of the most familiar for Email. There are a number of pre-built mobile-friendly and customizable sign-up forms, an extensive knowledge base, and a useful selection of add-on plugins available 1+ million active installations


Key Features:

  • Seamless integration with numerous plugins.
  • Beautiful and responsive sign-up forms.
  • Several add-on plugins available.
  • Developer friendly.
  • Community support.

Pros of MailChimp:

  1. You can Import your own Email templates.
  2. You have multiple integration options with your current online presence.
  3. You have access to complete comparative metrics.
  4. You can remove the MailChimp logo if you prefer.

Cons of MailChimp:

  1. Having a membership-based site can be difficult.


SUMO is a powerful plugin. It works with almost all email services. The plugin has the functionality to work with social networks and Google Analytics. It includes a subscription form at the top of the page, a greeting, etc. You should install the plugin and then choose which applications you want to use. This is another great WordPress email marketing plugin for you if you care about marketing in any way.


Key Features:

  • Easy to get started.
  • E-commerce integrations and features.
  • High-converting opt-in forms.
  • Secure and SEO-friendly.
  • Free customer support.

Pros of SUMO:

  1. Pop-up forms
  2. Different type of forms
  3. Easy to customize
  4. Social sharing
  5. Image sharing
  6. Option to add social sharing buttons everywhere on your website
  7. Analytics
  8. Campaigns
  9. Easy sharing by highlighting part of text.


Cons of SUMO:

  1. Expensive solution.
  2. Their dashboards times out often when you’re inside List builder section.


MailPoet is a another powerful WordPress email notification plugin. There’s no need for WordPress admin to sign up for the newsletter and build a mailing list. 300,000 WordPress websites have been enjoying the plugin since 2011. Moreover, you can work on the transactional emails sent by WooCommerce when a new order is processed or a new account is created. Stay in touch with your clients and grow your business with a feature MailPoet!


Key Features:

  • Easy to work with newsletter builder.
  • Amazing templates.
  • Automated signup welcome emails.
  • Premium version is free for websites with 1,000 subscribers.
  • GDPR compliant.

Pros of MailPoet:

  1. Drag and Drop email creation
  2. Autoresponder
  3. Easy Import
  4. Email stats
  5. Personalized emails
  6. Subscription form sidebar

Cons of MailPoet:

  1. Small number of email templates
  2. Cannot check spam score
  3. Limited email statistics


Email marketing is an important tool for working with the target audience and promoting your business on the internet, which gives direct communication between businesses and customers. The goal of these efforts is to strengthen loyalty and increase sales. We hope this blog helps to select best one. If you wish, you can comment which one you prefer.

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