Best Ways Amazon SEO Can Improve Your Business

If you’re passionate about new strategies to improve your business then Amazon SEO is one that is worth trying out. We also understand that Amazon SEO is the systematic process of getting your products to appear higher in Amazon’s search results. Like traditional SEO, Amazon SEO is all about optimizing your product listing for certain elements, like Keyword usage, Product title, Product features, Product description, Backend Keywords, Product images, Product review and Pricing strategy.

Why Is Amazon SEO recommended?

It is studied that by optimizing your product listings Amazon SEO could certainly assist your products rank higher in search results, so more prospective and potential customers can find your listing. There would be more eyes on your listing which can eventually lead to an increase in sales.

If you are not implementing Amazon SEO then it could primarily mean that your products receive fewer views. In a recent study there is at least 45 percent of Amazon consumers do not advance to the second page of search results. Thereby optimizing your product listings can help you secure a coveted spot on the first page.

Is Amazon SEO Different From SEO?

It is conveyed that Traditional SEO and Amazon SEO do share similar principles. This popular Amazon is an ecommerce site and their key goal is to drive sales while Google’s crucial goal is to offer a good search experience so users come back. Moreover Amazon ranks products so it could primarily make as many sales as possible in fast effective manner. For doing this, it needs to work differently from Google and other search engines. That’s why Amazon uses different algorithms to the likes of giant Google.

Amazon A9 Algorithm

It is enumerated that the algorithm that reputed Amazon uses to rank their products are known as the Amazon A9. They work with fewer ranking signals than Google’s RankBrain algorithm. In addition the A9 algorithm mainly assesses product listings to offer the best results for a customer’s search. Later Amazon ranks products based on how likely they are to lead for a purchase. They perform by assessing the relevancy and performance of your listings. Finally Amazon SEO can improve your business in large way.