The Client:

Our Client represented in Packaging sector where they provide advance technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sell, and use for global people. They also referred to the professional process of absolute designing, apt evaluating and ample producing packages.

The Focused Market:

Our Client is working with all multiple services across the globe. They focus areas in countries like U.S.A., U.K., Europe, Africa, Middle East and Australia.

The Requirement:

Our Client gave work to actively manage their SEO and community on Facebook to professionally grow it into a thriving community that would assist extend their business with prosperity. They were more concern about the following through their SEO campaign:

  • High increase of visibility with higher brand recognition
  • More larger community with higher number of Page Likes
  • Higher quality engagement on the content being posted on their relevant community
  • High increase of social traffic on site with massive conversion rates

The Challenge:

To evolve best SEO services practices and to increase the Facebook community by 3000 likes per day, from the global respective audience. Given the targeting choices available, it would be simple to enhance but needs little more efforts for massive success.

The Solution:

We implemented best SEO practises and actually proposed using targeted Facebook Ads through the sidebar and timeline boosted posts along with regular stream of relevant, engaging content.

We also identified more diverse communities from different parts of the world who we could target via their interests.

The Results:

The Client focused goal was immensely satisfied with tangible increases in visibility, traffic, engagement and brand recognition for their Packaging sector. Moreover the monthly social traffic from Facebook to client’s website was highly increased by 170%. Even the Page Likes was actually increased by more than 25,000 and average of 800 new likes per day with number primarily higher than the target of 500 per day.

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