For small businesses it is really interesting to know How Madurai Entrepreneurs anticipate Google will shift SEO in 2017. This can be especially informative since many do not have dedicated SEO specialists or organizations to help combat the latest changes.

While there is no way for these smaller companies to become fool-proof against relevant eventual occurrences, the quality way fight the future is to be active and dive deep into researching what is key in store.

In order to help and save you the hours of research needed to understand Google’s imminent changes, SEO Services Madurai come up with few taste of what Madurai Entrepreneurs can expect to see from the search giant in 2017.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP, is Google’s latest push for open source improvement comprising the way content is consumed through browsers and applications. With AMP, a more streamlined experience would be offered to global users.

With the sharp increase in the number of users who access the Internet through mobile devices, Google is primarily seeking a way to make the Web a more seamless experience on these tiny screens. Moreover, Google has enumerated that users will abandon sites that take more than three seconds to load. This actually means that speed is big priority in the mobile department.

Penguin actively moves to Real-Time

One of the vital things which are most expected of update is for Penguin’s immense abilities to move into the realm of real-time. This actually would mean that instead of periodic updates to the algorithm, it would professionally update continuously. For those who are virtually suffering penalties from this algorithm, the real-time update would permit for a site to recover instantly.

New Advertising features

Eventually it suggests that business owners could not only reap the huge benefits from enhanced programmatic advertising model with specially augmented features. It could also gain whole new outlet for reaching global consumers. This will be fruitful in 2017 and it could be huge bucks for Google and big business for some smaller organizations.